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according to the small business administration, a small business can employ up to 500 people

This book is not written for people in companies of that size. In Bennie Pollard's industry, the beauty industry, the majority of hair salons employ between six and eight stylists. This book is for the entrepreneur-driven small companies of two to fifty employees. These businesses are the backbone of our country.

The trouble with these businesses is that passion doesn’t equal mastery. Many small businesses come and go so fast; snap your fingers and yesterday’s salon has become a bakery, then a florist, and then a tattoo shop.

To create something, and keep it going, requires intention and leadership. Individual circumstances don’t matter; however, individuals do. It was vision and persistence that made Bennie Pollard a success. He did not inherit a fortune, nor was he bestowed with exceptional luck. His origin story was challenging;  his young adulthood was meandering and full of missteps. Despite that, his business earned its first million in revenue when he was thirty. God willing and the creek don’t rise, everything will continue to grow.

This book cuts out the meaningless business jargon and speaks from experience. Bennie's advice has stood the test of time, and the launching of multiple business endeavors.

It doesn’t matter the size of your goal; it could be to break $200,000 or your first million or beyond. If you’re trying to improve your small business, this book is for you.